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Learn About Our Ministries

Ministries: Service

Children's Ministry

We offer classes from nursery to 5th grade. These classes are for both Sunday School and the Worship Service. We are blessed with dedicated teachers who lovingly teach your children about God's love for them.


Bus Ministry

We never want someone to miss out on an opportunity to hear from God. Because of that, we are proud of our hard working bus team that go out every Sunday to provide transportation for those in need.  If you would like to attend but do not have a ride, please contact the church office.

TBC Student Ministry

TBC student ministry has a goal to love God, love people and serve others. Ryan and his team of leaders strive to help students follow Jesus in every area of their life.


Would you like to join one of our ministries? Give us a call today to join the many others who are already calling Temple Baptist Church home.

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